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Every day is filled with the business of life.  Things happen to us.  People happen to fall into our paths.  And sometimes we just happen to ourselves.  We get angry, sad, grumpy, silly, cheerful and serious.  But the best of times are to be had when we’re laughing.  There’s very little that can’t be viewed in a humorous light if we take the time to look closely enough.  I take a very close look because life is funny.


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  1. Patrick Rowe said:

    The California Proposition 37, that boldly seeks to challenge Monsanto and friends and demands – just as in Europe and the rest of the world – GMO LABELING, has provoked a $50 million backlash of Disinformation Ads on major TV networks and other places.

    Here is a short (2 minute) song that educates people, with a twist on the legendary Louie Armstrong. Please pass it around – only 3 weeks left before the election!


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