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Monsters In My Computer

My day started the usual way with my back hurting like heck as I tried to stand up without wobbling. I trudged out to the kitchen, grabbed a cup of coffee and settled down at my computer to begin the daily rituals. Since I’m rather bleary eyed and not fully conscious for the first half hour after waking, I usually opt for opening tabs at my writing sites, like this one, and checking the stats, before doing anything really constructive.

Email may or may not get checked that early in the day. I don’t want to have to force myself to become a rational thinking human being before 8 am when the caffeine begins to surge through my veins. This morning I chose to take a look at my Hotmail account. I wasn’t planning on actually reading any content, just scanning the subjects and senders in order to get rid of junk.

I found notices from Twitter about new followers that seemed pretty legitimate. However, there was one from a “Mickie (xoxo)” that I knew did not belong in my email. I should have left it alone until I wasn’t seeing double anymore, and was in full control of my motor skills, but instead, I clicked on the box for deleting. Big mistake! I was over just a bit too far and the email opened. I closed it without interacting with the instructions written, but I was already coming down with a virus.

There’s nothing like a virus to bring you out of conscious limbo. My level of alertness went from zero to 60 in a mere second. The scan with AVG, which took over two hours to complete, found 75 threats. After dumping them into the vault, I ran a second scan. At this point, it seems that all is well. However, I may find other missed problems when I attempt to open other applications and programs that I’ve not yet checked today. 

This event, on top of all the other happenings over the last few weeks, has left me wondering if computers and the internet are truly the time savers they’re touted to be. My own involvement with the world of computing has been a love-hate relationship for a decade and a half.

 When I bought my first computer, way back in 1998, I was scared to death of it. I’d used my friend’s computer once or twice, but didn’t really know what I was doing with it and often had to ask for assistance. The day my computer was delivered to my home, I stood there looking at the pile of boxes and wondered if I would ever figure out how to assemble it. I had friends who offered to do it for me, but I’m one of those determined types who refuses to allow fear to rule me.

After finishing the computer, I proceeded to put together the desk. I didn’t have a toolbox with the appropriate tools. My Ex had taken it with him because, as we all know, women shouldn’t be left alone with screwdrivers or hammers. After all, whatever would we do with them?? But, no problem, “improvise,” I always say. A butter knife has many uses. (I once used one to put together a gas grill)

Truly, I love technology and all the gizmos and gadgets. I just don’t have the background education necessary to use them to best advantage. So, I spend hours searching and reading until I can figure it out for myself. I love my Photoshop Elements and someday soon, I’ll understand everything I can do with it. I also love my Adobe Premiere for editing video. That, too, I’ll get figured out for best uses.

 I don’t mind taking as much time as needed in order to learn new programs and software that I’ve purchased. What I mind, is constantly being faced with problems needing addressed immediately, without having the immediate knowledge to do so.

 I’ve spent the last month or so trying to decipher what’s been happening to my internet connection. I use a 4G Hotspot. It was absolutely terrific for the first two months. Then I started noticing long page loading times, and constant time-outs. I couldn’t log into my sites because the page loading was sooooo slow. I was blaming it on the network because schools and colleges were back in session. When I was at wit’s end, I searched for information regarding my Hotspot. It seems that Sierra Wireless, the manufacturer, has created a piece of junk with a tendency to downgrade to 3G and stay there. The only way to fix it is to reset the device. Constant resets take time that adds up rapidly.


After a full two days spent searching, figuring and fixing problems and illnesses, I’m happily computing again. My plans for today have been tossed out the window, and the article re-writes will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ve worked hard and achieved my glory having slayed the monster lurking in the underbelly of computing. As my reward, I’ve decided to bestow the privilege of using my remaining hours playing in the make-believe world of Sims.


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