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I have a lot of stuff, simply because I like stuff. Most of the material objects I own are related to my interests. I’m an avid fan of antiques because history fascinates me. Most of my antiques are from the 1840’s – 1900. I have a huge collection of books; hardback for topics I consider serious and packed with information, and paperback for those genres relating to a relaxed evening of quiet entertainment.


I’m cheap, very cheap, when it comes to paying out my hard earned cash for items I believe I could produce better and more durable. The result is a giant collection of sewing fabrics, notions, and patterns, not to mention the 5 sewing machines I own. In the same vein, I’ve got a collection of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting looms, and pattern instructions.


I’m very verbal about the chemicals in our food supply and the environment, so I’ve stopped buying anything that may have additives and preservatives. The result is a collection of really cool cooking and baking gadgets and equipment, like my bread machine, soft-serve ice cream machine, and mixing, chopping and pureeing machines. There’s also a collection of baking pans, storage containers, cherry-pitters, and yes, I’ve even got an electric knife.


I love technology. It can make life so much more fun, interesting, and occasionally, easier. My favorite items are computers, (I’ve got three), my laptop, my digital camera and voice activated recorder. Have I mentioned that I like to explore the paranormal? Go ahead; I know you want to say it. I’m a freak, a geeky freak.


I love stuff so much, I have collections inside of collections. Like my antique china sets, antique serving dishes, and tea sets. I even have a collection of antique tea cups that kind of belong to the tea sets collection. The paranormal/spiritual collection is sort of subdivided also. There’s the angels group, the collection of Tarot card decks, and my cherished pink crystal ball which is wonderful for focusing upon and letting the rest of the world just drift away. Besides, it’s pretty.



The object that started my crazy obsession for creating collections is a child’s pressed glass cup. It belonged to my great-great-grandmother, and was handed down to the eldest daughter in each generation….that is, until me. My mother is the second daughter in a large family that included four girls. Her older sister, my aunt, got married and proceeded to have four boys. I was the only granddaughter for 10 years, and so, the cup was handed down to me.


Having been made sometime between 1870 and 1880, and being in pristine condition, I was leery about handing it off to my own daughter. She has a bad habit of not being materialistic enough to hold on to her possessions for very long. So, since it was handed down to me, the first granddaughter, I decided I would do the same.


The first granddaughter was born to my second daughter, but she was the first of four children being born very close together. A lot of things got broken in their house. I resolved to hold on to the cup. I allowed all my grandchildren at one time or another to use the cup under my supervision, but I’ve chosen to save it for when I kick the bucket. Only then will it be in the possession of my eldest granddaughter.


But then I started worrying about what to give the other granddaughters. I wanted to make sure each of them have something to cherish. The answer was for me to find a couple of unique and antique china children’s cups. When I presented these beautiful pieces of history, I explained the story of the glass cup. My wishes are for them to do the same with their china cups, and to possibly do the same with their own granddaughters.


So, what does that glass cup have to do with me compiling huge collections of stuff? The cup is a link to my past and even, the past of my great-great-grandmother, though I never knew her. However, I do remember my grandmother’s mother. The cup reminds me of visits to her home when I was a very small child. It reminds me of my grandmother who lived through the Depression while raising 7 children. It reminds me of my mother and her own love of antiques.


I’ve introduced my personal interests to my grandchildren. Though they are all avid readers, one of them also likes to write. One of them loves antiques, particularly antique houses, and wants to grow up to restore Queen Anne and Gothic style houses. Another is quite the tomboy, but loves baking bread and the idea of saving a buck. And still another is given to art, with a strong interest in learning. He has picked up my interest in ancient civilizations, particularly the Egyptian civilization.


When I look around at all the collections I find so worthy, I know they will have a home with someone who will love them as I do. And if I am blessed, they’ll think of the times they shared with me that may have contributed to their personal passions.


So no, Noah, my beloved silly grandson, I am NOT a hoarder!


Comments on: "I’m A Collector, Not A Hoarder" (2)

  1. I’m the exact same way. I dislike the notion of getting rid of ANYTHING that I deem useful.

    My problem is….I don’t own the property I live on….and have no place to hoard the things I wanna hoard.

    So many people just throw away things that are still with lots of use in them….which bothers me to no end. 🙂

    • I don’t have my own property anymore and that’s part of the problem. My apartment isn’t nearly as big as my house was, so when I “downsized” my belongs had to be squeezed into the space. Thanks for coming by. Appreciate it!

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