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I See Stupid People

My eyes seem to roll back in my head before spinning crazily when people ask obvious questions. There’s nothing worse than giving a complete overview of a situation only to have someone ask a question that was answered in the explanation. Either they weren’t listening, which is rude, or they aren’t as bright as I’d like them to be. Whichever it is, they don’t make a very good professional impression. And who needs friends who don’t think you’re worth listening to?

I decided to join Plinky, a website that offers writing prompts (that’s what prompted this post), though you don’t have to be a writer to use it.  It’s actually pretty cool because there are all kinds of questions to answer that can jog your brain into action.  You just scroll down the list until you find a question that appeals to you, type in your answer, and promote it to whatever site you choose.  I’ve chosen to use my blog, but answers can be publicized to Facebook, and other social networks.  In fact, Plinky is a social site where you can read others’ answers, make friends and share interests.  I have enough socializing going on already, but hey!  You can never have too many friends, right?  

Now, for the above answer…….. I know I sound just a little, teensy, weensy bit pompous, but REALLY!  You know you identify with that answer.  How many of you have been in a meeting where new goals are being pitched?  You’ve prepared a presentation, planned out the strategy, listed all the pro’s and con’s, and even had answers ready (included with the presentation package) for all the anticipated questions.  Then along comes Dumbass #1, who waits until you’re all done with your presentation and opening the floor for Q & A, and asks you the very first question on your list of answers.  Yeah, that’s the eyball action I’m talking about.

Or what about the times you were in school (yes, even college) and some idiot students got stuck on stupid, and just couldn’t seem to comprehend the information being presented?  Remember that feeling of wanting to take away their textbooks and just send them down the hall to Special Ed?  Or the employee who has been shown over and over how to properly complete a specific task, only to have him come and ask for an explanation each and every time he is faced with that task?  I mean, sheesh!  How difficult is it to put ketchup on a burger?

My favorite is the rudeness of “friends” who ask you a question and then don’t listen for the answer.  You know the ones…the minute you start speaking, their eyes sort of glide over to stare at a point just past your ear.  They reply to pauses with vague um-hums, and almost imperceptible nods of their heads.  The fiddle with their cell phones, and may even get up and go into another room, calling over their shoulders that you shouldn’t stop talking because they can hear you just fine.  Several minutes later, they come back to continue the conversation by immediately asking the same question again; except this time it’s phrased just a little differently than the first time.  

I like to play a game with those sorts.  Once they’re gone from sight in the other room, I lower my voice to a low hum and just make unintelligible sounds.  Every so often I’ll call out, “You know what I mean?”  When they answer yes, I ask if they are having any trouble hearing me and, you guessed it…they’ll tell me no, they’re fine and to go on with my story.  I’ll keep babbling unintelligibly until they come back into the room.  When they repeat their answer, I just make up something ridiculous and watch for any sign that they may have caught on.  The minute they leave the room again, I quietly make myself disappear.  After all, they’ll never miss me, will they?

How about you?  What makes your eyes roll?  Feel free to put your answers in the comments section.  Come on.  Give me a few laughs!

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  1. When a person beats about in creating a rapport of some kind while asking for a pretty obvious n predictable thing.
    Visit my blog too;

    • I agree, Bushman! I hate when people do that. It’s their chosen method of manipulation. I guess they’re waiting for us to tell them what they want so they can pass the buck and tell us it was actually OUR idea! I don’t give in. I just let them stumble about while I play stupid. They’ll either come right out and ask or they’ll never have a chance of having their request granted!

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